C_0_nclave 2017

Section C-4A | Camp Manatoc | May 19-21

A Message from the Chief

J.J. Conklin

Welcome superheroes and Arrowmen of Section C-4A! I am thoroughly excited to have the opportunity to ensure a spectacular Conclave for the Arrowmen of this section. In fact, I am excited for all the Arrowmen that will attend this weekend of training, fun, and fellowship! The Order of the Arrow is an organization based on tradition, with over one hundred years of tradition. Conclave within Section C-4A has a tradition of excellence, and the CVCs and Coordinators plan on continuing that tradition this year. Working hand-in-hand with the service lodge, Marnoc, we will ensure a successful conclave for this last configuration of the six lodges. We have had a great run of conclaves over the years, but we all know it is not over yet. We need to go out with a bang, and that is exactly what we intend to do with our superheroes at Camp Manatoc. It may even include a “Pow” and a “Bam.” What this event will really come down to, though, is the participants. I know our Council of Chiefs members will do everything in their power to make this conclave the best it can be, but we can’t provide the costumes, the electricity, and the enthusiasm from the crowd at the shows. We will provide the atmosphere, but it is the fantastic Arrowmen attending this Conclave that will truly make it the best it can be.

J.J. Conklin
2017 Section Chief

Special Guest:

Forrest Gertin

Forrest Gertin
2017 National Chief

Forrest hails from the city of Rochester, NY. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Tschipey Achtu Lodge and is an assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 750 in the Seneca Waterways Council. Previously, Forrest served as section chief for NE-3A and is a recipient of the Founder’s Award from his lodge. Forrest is an international political economy major at Georgetown University. He participates in student government, theatre and debate, and enjoys playing percussion and cycling - and has even biked around one of the great lakes.

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