C_0_nclave 2017

Section C-4A | Camp Manatoc | May 19-21


Session 19:00-9:45am

Summer Camp Superheroes
Arrowmen often appear to be superheroes in the eyes of younger scouts. Learn how to create a strong OA program at summer camp to engage scouts and inspire them to become honored campers.
Ceremonies 101: Playing the Part of the Superhero
Being a superhero isn’t just wearing a costume and playing a part! An outstanding ceremonies team radiates heroism throughout the lodge. Learn the importance of planning, memorization, and set-up for each ceremony to deliver a stunning ceremonial performance every time.
From Sidekick to Superhero
Being a superhero isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies. Making a superhero-level impact in your lodge or chapter takes determination and hard work towards an ultimate goal. Learn how to climb the ranks from sidekick to superhero and inspire others to leave their legacy on the lodge.
Learning From Your Past
Wouldn’t it be nice to travel back in time and change wrong decisions or mistakes? Unfortunately, not even most superheroes can travel back in time. Luckily the past often holds the keys to the future. Learn how to look back in time to create a plan to help your lodge move onward and upward in the future.
POW, BAM, ZAP! Energizing Lodge Events
A boring lodge event is like a superhero without any powers. Events must be engaging, exciting, and enjoyable to keep participants entertained. Learn how to create action-packed program at every kind of event that will have members flying back each and every time.

Session 210:00-10:45am

Designing the Perfect Logo
Every superhero has a logo that represents them but do you ever wonder where they come from? Designing a superhero logo is a lot like designing a patch. Learn the key elements of a great patch design and how you can make your next lodge flap a bigger success than a Marvel movie at the box office.
Assembling a Super Team
Super teams like the Justice League, Fantastic 4, and the Avengers rarely come together on accident. Building the right team requires the right players, attitude and vision. Learn how to assemble your super dream team to tackle any challenge.
Keeping New Recruits
New Arrowmen often feel lost when joining the lodge. Showing up to their first lodge event as a member is a huge step and often requires a good dose of encouragement. Even Batman needs the the bat signal to know he’s needed. Learn how to engage new members early and often to get them active and involved in the lodge.
Heroes at Every Level
Opportunities to lead come in all shapes and sizes. Leaders are needed at every level of the lodge to drive success and growth. Learn how to boldly take on leadership opportunities in places you may have never known existed.
Conflict Resolution
In any organization, there are bound to be conflicts from time-to-time as different players have competing ideas. Luckily our brotherhood has a set of core values to ease tensions and center us on our purpose. Learn how to prevent conflict and resolve disagreements before they become battles.

Session 311:00-11:45am

Elangomats: The Humble Heroes
Creating a memorable ordeal experience for a candidate depends on proper planning and having the right people in place. While elangomats may not have the power to control the weather, their role is crucial to guaranteeing a positive experience for their candidates. Learn the steps an elangomat must take to ensure their candidates have a meaningful ordeal experience.
Captain Planet and the Planeteers
If you want to go green, forget the Green Lantern or Green Arrow. Learn how to plan and execute a conservation project to leave a lasting positive impact on the environment that would make Captain Planet proud.
5 Seconds to Save the World
The moment an idea comes into your mind, you have five seconds to take action before that idea starts to fade. You have to move like the Flash and act to make sure that good idea doesn’t go to waste. Learn how to take your thoughts from good idea to great job using the “Five Second Rule.”
Taking off the Mask
From service projects to leadership development, the Order of the Arrow has a lot of great work to be proud of and celebrate. Like many superheroes, we don’t always get the credit we deserve for our good works. Learn how to promote the OA brand in the community and highlight the positive impact the OA has in your council.
Powering up Your OA Troop Representatives
OA Troop Representatives are often an underutilized resource for engaging brothers in each troop. Learn how lodges can utilize the Order of the Arrow Troop Representatives to their fullest potential and maximize troop involvement in the lodge.
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